Intro to the Impact of Mindfulness on Emotional Awareness & Regulation

An Introduction to the Impact of Mindfulness on Emotional Awareness & Regulation through an ADHD & Neuroscience Lens

An Introduction to the Impact of Mindfulness on Emotional Awareness & Regulation through an ADHD & Neuroscience Lens with Jen Lewis

Join Jen as she takes us through the neuroscience of how our brains work concerning thoughts and emotions with fascinating insights as how our unique perspective gets created.

The more we know about the processes happening in our minds and bodies, the better we can create space to pause and expand choice in responding skilfully and thereby liberate ourselves from rigid thinking.

Increasing emotional & physiological regulation is so key in this always-on world, not least for our ADHD community.

Learn the science of how deeply the skill of mindfulness affects this whole process between the brain functions that regulate emotion – not as a “thing you do” but a tremendously upgraded way of showing up for yourself and others.

Jen Lewis is a Peak Performance & Wellness Coach, specialising in programs combining Neuroscience & Mindfulness for positive cognitive, emotional & physiological regulation for individuals.

Jen’s journey includes adverse child events, challenges as a young adult, evolution into a highly successful but demanding career, a partial burnout and auto-immune disease development at a time she was navigating her youngest child’s world of undiagnosed ADHD and ODD, while also living with undiagnosed ADHD herself.

Jen undertook her own experiment with her mindfulness & neuroscience skills to effectively reduce stress and manage the auto-immune condition instead of the lifetime medication prescribed that made her feel more unwell.

She then guided her youngest through his ADHD and ODD, from the verge of expulsion, to his first school report two years on describing leadership skills and compassion; she sought solutions & left no stone unturned with interventions at home which have so far had remarkable results.

Jen uses strength-based psychology and radical acceptance approaches to help people flourish and reduce unnecessary stress in their lives.

Jen trained in the gold standard of mindfulness (MBSR), is an ICF accredited executive coach, with multiple neuroscience and neurodiversity credentials and a background in facilitation and organisational development. She is tremendously passionate about teaching life skills to manage cognitive, emotional & nervous system regulation and runs group coaching programs & workshops to empower individuals in this way.

This talk will be highly relevant to adults with ADHD, parents, family members, teachers and other professionals working with children/teens with ADHD and anyone with anxiety or who wants to experience greater calm in their life.

Professionals attending will receive a Certificate of Attendance to help them keep track of their professional development.

I invite you to join me in talking about this fascinating topic to bring more calm into your life!

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I look forward to seeing you there – Vivian