Dr Bob Jackson PhD, Psychologist - Inclusion Consultant I work with families with children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD usually in relation to inclusion in mainstream schools and the adaptations required by the school to ensure that the child can succeed academically and socially in the regular classroom.

 Educational Advocate /  Western Australia

  The Fathering Project It’s about the kids. The Fathering Project is a University of Western Australia-based not-for-profit charity led by a team of professionals that aims to help fathers realise how important they are in a child’s life and to give them advice on how to encourage their children. The Fathering Project is for the benefit of the kids, we know that a fathers’ impact on a child is profound.  We aim to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to engage with their kids. The Fathering Project has a range of Fathering Tips available:  Activities Tips & Experiences Dads and father-figures can also get connected with Dads Groups online

 Dad Support /  Western Australia

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