EPIC (Empowering Parents In Crisis) EPIC (Empowering Parents In Crisis) is a NFP Organisation led by parents with lived experience of teens in crisis. EPIC was founded in 2021 as a result of the isolation and powerlessness experienced when parents and carers were faced with young people facing mental health challenges including ADHD or choosing challenging behaviours. EPIC is a safe, non-judgmental community building support platform offering peer-peer support, education and sharing through an inclusive cultural lens. EPIC acknowledges that it is a frightening, lonely and very worrying period for parents/carers and families when their child is facing challenges. Our team seeks to support community recovery and capacity building for parents/carers and families of young people by providing a supportive community that is focused on well being and connectedness.

 Dad Support /  New South Wales

Joan Caelli is a child psychologist and play therapist with over 10 years’ experience working predominantly with neurodiverse children and families. Joan works from the social model of disability using a neurodiverse-affirming practice framework to support the achievement of an individual’s goals, including offering support to parents, schools and working within a multidisciplinary team structure creating collaborative individualised care plans. Joan is also passionate about supporting professionals in this area including ND professionals, around self-care and workload planning, through peer supervision and formal supervision 1:1 and group.

 Dad Support /  Queensland

  The Fathering Project It’s about the kids. The Fathering Project is a University of Western Australia-based not-for-profit charity led by a team of professionals that aims to help fathers realise how important they are in a child’s life and to give them advice on how to encourage their children. The Fathering Project is for the benefit of the kids, we know that a fathers’ impact on a child is profound.  We aim to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to engage with their kids. The Fathering Project has a range of Fathering Tips available:  Activities Tips & Experiences Dads and father-figures can also get connected with Dads Groups online

 Dad Support /  Western Australia

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