Australian Lawyers for Human Rights is an advocacy group providing systemic advocacy on human rights legal issues but does not provide individual legal services to people who need advice or representation. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights Inc (ALHR) was established in 1993. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights is an association of legal professionals active in practising and promoting awareness of international human rights standards in Australia. ALHR has a national membership of Australian lawyers, barristers, judicial officers, legal academics and law students, with active National, State and Territory committees and national and specialist thematic committees. ALHR seeks to utilise its extensive experience and expertise in the principles and practice of international law and human rights law in Australia in order to: Promote and support lawyers practice of human rights law in Australia. Promote Federal and State laws across Australia that comply with the principles of international human rights law. Engage with the United Nations in relation to Australian human rights violations. Engage internationally to promote human rights and the rule of law. Through the provision of training, education, publications, CLE courses, conferences, seminars and mentoring, ALHR assists members to continue to develop their knowledge of human rights law and incorporate human...

 Educational Advocate /  New South Wales

Dr Bob Jackson PhD, Psychologist - Inclusion Consultant I work with families with children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD usually in relation to inclusion in mainstream schools and the adaptations required by the school to ensure that the child can succeed academically and socially in the regular classroom.

 Educational Advocate /  Western Australia

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