Falun Gong, also commonly known as Falun Dafa, is a self-improvement practice that improves mental and physical wellness. Great for relaxation, healing, and peace of mind. We are people in Sydney and New South Wales who practice Falun Gong and wish to share the benefits of this peaceful practice, via complimentary meditation classes and workshops—available to everyone, including businesses, organisations, recreational clubs and schools, as well as individuals, catered to your schedules. To find out where we practice in New South Wales click here

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  New South Wales

Qualified psychotherapist with a degree from The University of New England Qualified Vedic Meditation Teacher Certified Chakra Therapist Lesley-Anne began her working life as a solicitor, and was in private practice for over 20 years. During these years she practiced in all area of the law and acted for many clients from all walks of life. As a result she developed a deep interest in human behaviour. The workings of the human mind became a passion, and this passion led her to a change of career. She went back to university and studied counselling and psychotherapy. Lesley-Anne then ran a successful psychotherapy practice for 16 years. She worked with many clients with a wide range of issues, including depression and anxiety. Having counselled refugees for many years she is also experienced in working with trauma. After learning Vedic Meditation during her years as a psychotherapist she decided to transition into becoming a meditation teacher and mentor because of the profound benefits she experienced from the technique. Lesley-Anne has been trained by the world’s leading Vedic Meditation teachers and has a wealth of experience. It is her desire to make Vedic Meditation available to everyone. 

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  New South Wales

Meditation for Men 'Meditation for Men' is a life changing 4-week course designed specifically for men. The aim of the course is to provide men with skills and tools to survive and thrive. This course is more than just learning and utilising meditation in day-to-day life, its about connecting within and understanding how to change your outer world by changing your inner world.

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  New South Wales

My Peaceful Universe - Mindfulness and Meditation for Children Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald is the the founder and owner of My Peaceful Universe an organisation on the Northern Beaches, Sydney that teaches mindfulness and meditation to primary school children. "At My Peaceful Universe, we are all very passionate about Mindfulness and Meditation as we truly believe a focus on kids creates a solid foundation for health outcomes later in life, making this a long-term investment in the future of our children." Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald is a certified Mindfulness Mentor with the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute and holds level 2 certificates in Meditation from Nature Care College.  Isabelle also holds certificates in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance and, Mindfulness and Maintaining a Mindful Life from Monash University. Isabelle is currently teaching Mindfulness and Meditation classes to children, as well as curating courses for Insight Timer the world’s leading Mindfulness Meditation app. Isabelle’s meditations have now been listened to over 100’000 times around the world.

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  New South Wales

Paths With Purpose   Karise McNamee I provide mental health counselling for ADHD and AuDHD women experiencing challenges with emotional regulation, burnout, relationships and communication, and workplace issues. I will provide you with a safe space to express your feelings and frustrations about things that are impacting your life, and teach you strategies to feel more in control of your changing emotions and behaviors. I will work with you to help you to feel balanced and better able to cope with these impacts, despite sometimes feeling like your body is the one in control. I have particular expertise in helping women to manage the impacts of perimenopause, PMDD, and the menstrual cycle on ADHD, and women who have been diagnosed in adulthood. I am neurodivergent myself, therefore my own lived experience means that I truly understand how this can impact so many areas of your life, and how challenging it can be to manage it alongside the other demands of daily life. I offer flexible online and face-to-face sessions to women all across Australia, no matter where you live. I understand and I am here to help you!

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  New South Wales

The Clear Mind Collective Narian Noory The Clear Mind Collective Clinical Psychological services offering behavioural management strategies for ADHD and cognitive/emotion regulation

 Meditation & Mindfulness /  Sydney

Accessible and personalised mental healthcare from the comfort of your own home. Mental health occupational therapy can assist with the following: *  Time management *  Communication skills *  Emotion regulation *  Sleep hygiene *  Finding meaning and value *  Life skills such as budgeting Availability currently      

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