At Developmental Paediatrics, we have a team of professionals who are available for assessment and therapy for children and adolescents with developmental, learning, and behaviour concerns. Where there are concerns about ADHD, in most instances we believe an ideal assessment structure is a multi-disciplinary team assessment, so that specialists meet you together and discuss your child as a team before giving you feedback together. For under 6 year olds, we do this either as part of an Early Childhood Multidisciplinary Clinic. This involves an initial appointment with a Developmental Paediatrician and a Speech Pathologist or Psychologist, which will determine the direction of further assessment and therapy from our team of experts.  This can include formal developmental or cognitive assessment tools, autism specific assessments, medical investigations, or assessments in speech pathology, occupational therapy, dietetics, and psychology.   For children/adolescents age 6 or above, the Developmental Paediatrics School Age Multidisciplinary Assessment Day has been designed as a comprehensive, collaborative team assessment enabling busy families to have their child or adolescent seen by an expert team in one centre. It is a new and innovative model of complete care designed for 6-17 year old children with developmental, learning, attention, or behavioural concerns, and involves: Development Paediatrician assessment Clinical Psychologist assessment...

 Dietician /  New South Wales

Paula Tazzyman - Accredited Practising Dietician & Accredited Nutritionist Children with ASD/ADHD can have very complex eating issues. A dietician that understands these complexities can be instrument in supporting children with ASD/ADHD to make positive gains in their development, learning & behaviour. Areas where a dietician can be of help: Selective eating and food refusal Correcting nutritional deficiencies Supporting better concentration & learning Improving behaviour Reducing anxiety & depression Improving digestive health Improving sleeping patterns Identifying food intolerance Strengthening immune system Diet modifications Evidence-based supplementation Paula Tazzyman is an experience paediatric Accredited Practicing Dietician who has helped children with learning and behaviour issues, ASD and ADHD since 1997. Paula is registered with Medicare and all private insurance companies. With a Medicare ECP plan your GP can allocate up to 5 visits in a calendar year to access nutrition services. Medicare does not allow phone/online consults. NDIS – If health & wellbeing is a goal, NDIS does cover nutrition. Phone or online consults are permitted under NDIS. Skype consults available @ paula.taz

 Dietician /  Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

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