Gravity North Wellness Indiana and Kelly McCoy The Wood Gravity method of colonic hydrotherapy is proven to be the most gentle. The method allows for a simultaneous in-out flow of water. Although many claim to use the Wood Gravity, in reality they use machines that can stretch the colon or use too high pressure that damages the colon walls. We are one of the handful of facilities in Australia to use this method. Our promise is to keep your experience in confidence so that you always feel secure, comfortable and dignified.

 Detoxification Specialist /  New South Wales

The Neurodivergent Naturopath Caroline Kennedy I work with neurodivergent persons who struggle with sleep, emotional and physical regulation such as hyper-activity, aggression and inattention, to assist them to achieve exceptional quality of life. I do this by providing personlised, easy to take, nutritional supplements. Sometimes herbs may be prescribed, depending on the persons ability to swallow capsules or face bitter herbal flavours. All my treatments are designed to support your body and correct any underlying biochemistry which may not be working optimally. Dietary and lifestyle advice will also be provided.

 Detoxification Specialist /  Queensland

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