Bio Balance Health Ltd Bio Balance Health Ltd is a not-for-profit charity of 20 years standing. Our primary role is to educate Medical Doctors, only, on the biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies commonly associated with mental health conditions. The second role is to support, nurture, and facilitate original research, at quality, recognised institutions to bring to light the biochemical mechanisms underlying various mental health conditions, and develop scientific and verifiable pathology testing. Bio Balance Health aims to keep the public informed of the opportunity to achieve successful outcomes for health when individual biochemistry is close to optimal. Bio Balance Health was initiated in 1988 by two Australians following their visit to Health Research Institute- Pfeiffer Treatment Centre (now closed) in the USA, and their discussions with William J Walsh, PhD, Scientific Director. They were so impressed with the work being done there in managing patients with mental and behavioral disorders using individualised biochemical and nutritional programs, they resolved to bring this knowledge to Australia. Joining with like-minded Australians they set up by Balance Health Association in 2000. Under the guidance of Dr Walsh this volunteer team worked hard to establish the pathology assessment facilities not at that time available in...

 Biomedical Doctor /  Queensland

Specialises in: ADHD & ADD; ASD; ALL aspects of integrative medicine, including but not limited to IBS & other gut problems, auto-immune disorders, Pfieffer protocol & mental health issues

 Biomedical Doctor /  New South Wales

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