The ADHD Social Worker The ADHD Social Worker, led by AASW Accredited Social Worker and AUDHDer, Rachel Mintoff, offers a specialized ADHD counselling and coaching service providing a safe and inclusive space for all. Whether you received a diagnosis in childhood, were diagnosed as an adult medically, self-diagnosed, or are exploring the possibility of ADHD, we're here to support you on your journey. OUR SERVICES At The ADHD Social Worker, we understand that traditional therapy doesn’t always fit the needs of ADHD individuals. That’s why we offer specialized ADHD Support that blends practical solutions with therapeutic approaches tailored just for you. Here’s what we offer: Flexible Session Times: We work around your schedule. Tailored Resources: Based on research and real-world experience. Accountability & Reminders: Regular check-ins and reminders to keep you on track. Executive Functioning Assessments: Understand your strengths and barriers to create a personalized management plan. Sensory Profile Assessments: Identify sensory sensitivities and develop a plan to support your needs. Our Therapeutic Counselling covers: Relationships and Mental Health: Including self-advocacy skills. Navigating Challenges: Such as masking, burnout, and imposter syndrome. Emotional Regulation: Tools to manage and understand strong emotions. Career and Study Support: Strategies tailored for ADHD success. Self-Acceptance:...

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