Strategies for Improving Social Skills in Teens & Young Adults




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1. Social Challenges and Their Impact: The audience will gain insights into the specific social challenges faced by teens and young adults with ADHD and autism, and how these challenges can lead to issues such as peer rejection, social isolation, and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

2. The Importance of Friendships and Social Skills: The audience will learn about the critical role that friendships and good social skills play in overall wellbeing and life outcomes. They will understand how having one or two close friends can significantly improve self-esteem, independence, and resilience against stressful life events.

3. Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Social Skills: The audience will be introduced to the Peers program, an evidence-based social skills training program. They will learn about the methods and tools used in the program to teach social skills, including conversation starters, handling peer rejection, and conflict resolution. The program’s effectiveness and its impact on social confidence and relationship-building will be highlighted.

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