Program to help your Teen or Young Adult
increase social confidence & make & keep friends


Do you want to help your teen or young adult improve their social skills, increase their social confidence and learn to make & keep friends?


Join me for this webinar to learn more about how
the PEERS Social Skills for Teens & Young Adults Program
can help your teen/young adult do just that!






Wednesday 30th November



Wednesday 30th November



Wednesday 30th November


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Why our kids struggle socially


Our kids often have difficulties navigating their social world. Appropriate social skills help us connect with others & maintain relationships. Struggling with social skills puts young people at greater risk of peer rejection, loneliness, depression, anxiety, negative impacts on study, dating & finding & maintaining employment.

The impact of social struggles


Having just one or two friends has been shown to help create resilience to stressful life events, predict better adjustment in later life, increase self-esteem/confidence & support independence, minimise the occurrence of bullying, decrease the likelihood of depression and anxiety linked to loneliness.

How the PEERS program can help!


We take social skills for granted & expect our kids to learn by osmosis, but our kids often need a little extra explicit instruction.

We know social skills have rules which can be easily taught, followed and practised to great effect. The PEERS program works by explicitly teaching the skills that come naturally to those who are more socially adept.


Meet Your Host….


Vivian Dunstan – Founder – ADHD Support Australia


• Certified PEERS Teen & Young Adult Social Skills coach
• ADDCA trained ADHD Coach
• Masters of Teaching (Primary)
• Facilitator of Parenting Children with ADHD course
• Former RAISE mentor
• Hosted 120+ expert ADHD talks
• Experienced Mum of ADHD child, teen & young adult
• Diagnosed with ADHD herself
• Supporting the ADHD community since 2013
• Creator of ADHD Support Australia’s website


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