Chilled and Considerate Parent Bootcamp Delivered by Dr Einstein, the Parent Bootcamp is a 90 minute, online course intended to help you understand and alter responses to worry and uncertainty. The program does not timeout, so stop and start as you please, allowing time to pause and reflect. ​Through a series of exercises, audios, and videos, this course will provide techniques to handle you and your children's worries. You will reflect on how, and why, you have developed your natural response to uncertainty, and later, be given the tools to change it. Additionally, the exercises will allow you to assess how others in your life, i.e., partners, children, etc., respond to uncertainty and how their responses may differ from yours.  

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Mike is a men’s coach and author, founder of EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY coaching program for men. He is the creator of the interview show and events, Beyond The Beers. Mike also supports everyday men from across the globe in building legendary relationships; with themselves, their partners, and their world. He derives immense purpose in bringing about a new way for men to communicate effectively and confidently navigating their lives. You’ll find Mike's advice to be uncomplicated and immediately actionable. He believes strongly in making things easy to follow and implement and cutting out the confusing noise and misinformation, making Modern Masculinity accessible to everyday men: supporting you in getting your shit as together as it can be. If you want to learn a bit more about mike and his story, check out this post here. You can also listen to his podcast here

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PEERS Social Skills for Teens & Young Adults Program PEERS® stands for Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills.   The PEERS® program is an internationally acclaimed, evidence-based social skills group program for adolescents and young adults with social challenges.   Originally developed by Dr Elizabeth Laugeson at the University of California (UCLA) PEERS®, the programme has a strong evidence-base for use with adolescents and young adults with Aspergers/ASD, but is also highly appropriate for those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, those who may be twice exceptional or gifted and talented or indeed anyone experiencing social challenges.   The program assists motivated teens and young adults with social challenges who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends.   Explicitly teaching how to navigate common social challenges allows the formation of more positive relationships.   Teens/Young Adults learn how to … Develop & maintain friendships Improve conversational skills Choose appropriate friends & find common interests Appropriately use electronic forms of communication Appropriately use humour & assess humour feedback Start, enter & exit conversations between peers Organise successful get-togethers with friends Be a good sport when playing games and/or sports with friends Handle arguments &...

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Online Relationship, Intimacy, and Empowerment Coaching For Singles & Couples Reece Stockhausen & Jodie Milton are leading relationship, intimacy, & personal development coaches. For over 7 years they’ve been helping singles & couples create kick-ass lives, and relationships that rock.  Reece explains on their website how he has battled a lot over his 42 years – suicidal depression, substance abuse, severe social anxiety, emotional trauma, sexual shame, epic Nice Guy syndrome… The list could go on. He has spent a lot of time figuring stuff out and learning how to transform his pain. And that’s what he helps men do – to stop hiding, get real with themselves, and live an authentic life on their own terms. His work draws on over 25 years of intensive personal development work, blending his experience, training, and qualifications in leading international Men’s Groups and workshops, Authentic Relating, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality practices, Non-Violent Communication strategies, Trauma-Informed Somatic Embodiment, Evidence-Based Mindfulness, Meditation, Martial Arts, NLP & Timeline Therapy, and a variety of Emotional and Energetic Healing Modalities. Jodie has been involved in education, social science, and politics for the past 16 years. She has since dedicated herself to the science of personal development. Jodie...

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Sandcastles Sandcastles: A Quiet Space For Parents & Children Reconnecting You With Your Children In A New Way An Online Portal Designed To Support Your Family & Help Your Child Embrace Greater Calm, Resilience & Joy. Owner: Hi, I’m Tami Roos PhD. There has never been a more important time to manage your stress as a parent, and help your child overcome anxiety and feel deeply connected to themselves. I would like to invite you to my new online community called ‘Sandcastles’: a quiet space to support you and your child from 4-12 years old. A place for you to reconnect with yourself and embrace new ways to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing. In a series of gentle step-by-step meditations and video guides, you will feel empowered to create greater resilience, courage, creativity and hope as we navigate the flow of life. By becoming a member today, you will discover how to create your own peaceful ‘sanctuary’ at home for you and your children, gain instant access to a world of resources for you and your child, and regular live webinars from leading experts in children’s wellbeing development and spiritual head

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The Dip is run by clinical psychologists wanting to support families change the screen-time dynamics at home in the most helpful way possible. We realise this is tough – and changing limits can trigger some big emotions from all family members. We have launched a COVID-19 Screen-time Initiative to support parents. It is comprised of tips sheets, brief videos (explaining the role of devices in social connection and how to come alongside your child) and a free Zoom support group, running once a month. If you would like to receive these resources and/or participate in the group, please join up via the website.    

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Unconventional Organisation provides research-backed group and individual coaching to people with ADHD or executive dysfunction challenges. Unconventional Organisation can help you set and achieve your goals, no matter where in the world you are based. Our coaches 'walk the talk'. Every coach has lived experience of ADHD and implementing the strategies we coach. Skye is the Founder, ADHD Coach and researcher. An academic with over seven years of experience working in adult education. She has studied in various fields, including Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health, and is now a Doctoral Candidate in Population Health. Skye was diagnosed with ADHD at the start of her doctorate. Since then, she has dedicated time to researching and disseminating ADHD studies, focusing on supporting others with strengths-based, neurodiverse-friendly tools and systems. How it Works. Take your first step with us. STEP 1 Fill out a quick online assessment to see if ADHD Coaching is right for you. 6 questions to help us determine if ADHD coaching is for you. CLICK NOW TO START THE ASSESSMENT

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