Frances Adlam Frances Adlam has degrees in education, counselling and special needs. She has lectured in multiple intelligences and been an advisor for the Ministry of Education NZ. She now works from home in her ‘enchanted garden’ (children’s words) supporting children with learning and behaviour.   She focusses on helping all children learn by bridging the gap between a child's current learning ability and their highest learning capability, through the provision of support, advice and resources to families and teachers.  She is an experienced educator who believes that all learning issues can be addressed effectively, once properly identified.  These learning issues may include writing issues, reading issues, maths issues, concentration issues and behavioural issues.  

 Educational Therapist /  New Zealand

Neurosensory Neurosensory is a specialised educational and remedial teaching practice that provides educational therapy and remedial teaching for children and adults alike who have learning disorders or learning difficulties. They operate irrespective of age, ethnicity, economic status, cultural background, religion or area or level of disability and treat both child and adult with dignity and respect. "We are educational therapists and NDIS providers that work with children and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities."   Educational Consultant and specialist remedial teacher: Antonia Canaris 

 Educational Therapist /  New South Wales

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